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Spot of the day: ICEBAR

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Hey again! Today it’s my first full day in beautiful Stockholm, so there are quite a lot of things to do & explore! I want to share with you my personal favourite of the day: The famous Icebar.

Located in one of the main streets of Stockholm, it’s perfectly easy to get there. Once in the building, you need to pass a hotels reception to get to the bar. You have to pay some kind of entry fee (16-20€?), for which you also get a drink inside (non-/alcoholic, as you wish). You get a very warm jacket to wear inside, as it get’s quite fresh inside; about -7°C, what they told me. Before you enter, you  need to pass a chamber, that separates the shop from the never ending ice.

Then you are already in; it’s a fancy place, with lots of pictures, descriptions of wolves & bears, the walls tell you about the bar’s history. (Bar/Club-) Music is playing, and the ice is covered in many colours by the disco lights & effects, which perfectly supports the atmosphere of the location.

At the bar itself, you can choose between different drinks, alcoholic or nonalcoholic. The drinks are served in glasses which are (of course) carved out of ice, what adds another nice touch to everything. Then it’s just up to you, whether to taste all the drinks, talk & spend much more time in there or explore all the details of the ice bar.


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To sum it up, I was totally fascinated about the location and I would recommend it to everyone who considering to be a visit worth, although it’s not that cheap (that’s Sweden, by the way ;-)). Have fun! 🙂

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