Hi, I'm Nikolaus Juranek.

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As a generalist with a wide range of interests, I always try to learn from the most diverse areas and to bring them together in new and unusual combinations. That is what I am currently doing:

  • As a Jurist & Legal Researcher, I deal with technology law aspects of data, blockchain and web 3.0 in a digital economy.
  • As a qualified trainer in adult education, I teach soft skills in the areas of communication, group dynamics and leadership.
  • As regional chairman of the Young Leader Forum in Upper Austria, I organise workshops, company tours and fireside chats for Austrian young leaders.
  • As an author and podcast host, I deal with personal growth, modern technology and timeless knowledge. I also interview exciting personalities.
  • Because impact is important to me, I am also involved in associations such as the WDF / YLF, Circle of Excellence, ELSA and LLP.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!