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For authors & guest articles, interviews

You want to publish a guest article on this blog? Great, I'm glad! In order to provide great added value for you, me and of course the readers, I've put together a few quick tips:

About you

I would like to get to know you better right away and ask you to write a few sentences about yourself and your project.

Target group & numbers

  • Please tell me a little about your target group, what your approximate reach is and why you think the article might be suitable for my readers.
    Info about the article
  • Please write a few words about your planned guest article: What it's about, what headline ideas you have and in which category your guest article fits.
  • Please also include the length of the article - I ask for your understanding that I do not accept articles that are less than 1,000 words long, because I believe that otherwise the added value for the readers often falls short.

A few guidelines

  • Please note that the most important thing about the article is the added value for the reader! If you offer that, feel free to do some self-promotion - apart from the author description, you can put 2 links to your site.
  • Please send me a sharp colour photo and an author description of max. 500 characters.
  • My readers will be addressed as "you". Please also make sure that your article has been proofread.
  • Please format the article (headings, bold, paragraphs, bullet points, links etc) and deliver it to me in .html or Markdown.

I ask for your understanding that no articles will appear that do not meet these few requirements. Thank you!

Seminars, workshops, events, lectures

For enquiries and bookings for events, please also contact me using the form below. Please provide additional details about the planned event, especially:

  • On which day / in which period is the event planned?
  • What budget has been allocated for the event / accommodation / travel?
  • Can Niko Juranek bring his social media crew to film?
  • Approximately how many people are expected at the event?
  • Other wishes / special features.

I am looking forward to your request!

For advertising partners & cooperations

Wonderful! The best things happen when you team up - I'm open to collaborations!

However, I reserve the following conditions regarding transparency & authenticity:

  1. Transparency is important. I am honest with my readers and only enter into collaborations if I identify with the product or the philosophy of the company/campaign and can thus offer my readers added value.
  2. Simple product placements are uninteresting for this reason. Please consider in advance what added value the product / cooperation could offer the readers.
  3. Even if there is a financial compensation for articles or products are sent for testing, I report 100% honestly from my personal opinion. I also want to test all products before they are promoted on my blog.
  4. Paid collaborations are also marked as such due to legal requirements.
  5. Lastly - and this should go without saying - a partnership is based on reciprocity, so I expect a serious offer in line with the market. Thank you!

I look forward to your enquiry!


You have other questions, feedback, suggestions? Feel free to contact me in this regard - I look forward to hearing from you!

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